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Stop press: 6th July 2012 - BT have just announced that that they are withdrawing their plans for a wind farm at Leys Farm. After analysing the wind measurements taken at the site, they have concluded that "there is not enough wind resource to make the project economically viable".

CATT will continue to campaign against wind farm projects in this county, nationally and internationally.

British Telecom are proposing to construct a wind power station at Leys Farm on the ridge to the north west of Clare. The current proposal is for six 2.3 MW turbines. The turbines would each be just under 100m tall from ground to blade tip (300 feet+).

(We have received news that the proposal is to be cut back to just three turbines. See our news section for more details).

The area around Clare is a low wind area. In our view, the limited energy which would be produced by wind turbines at this site, and the negligible savings in CO2 emissions, would not justify the damage to the local environment, the damage to the setting of Clare and the surrounding villages and the very real impact on the communities living nearby.

Moreover, there is no specific benefit to the area in hosting the development. Other than (BT informs us) minor financial inducements to the immediate councils who are party to the decision that are under discussion. And yet this development and other similar ones, would adversely affect tourism, worth over £1.75bn to Suffolk alone, over the whole county. Any energy produced will be fed into the National Grid and only the developer and the landowner and a few others stand to make any significant financial gain.

The campaign to oppose this application is being actively supported by three MP's whose constituencies are directly affected, and by the Suffolk Preservation Society.

In this website you can find:

  • Details of the planning application.
  • The impact this power station would have on communities, the local towns and villages and the environment.
  • Reasons why BT, a telecommunications company, is anxious to build it.
  • What you can do to oppose it.
  • How to join CATT either to help or just to be kept informed.
  • What is happening in terms of events and news.
  • Links to other websites.

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Matthew Hancock
Matthew Hancock, MP
Tim Yeo
Tim Yeo, MP
Brooks Newmark
Brooks Newmark, MP
Simon Cairns
Simon Cairns, Suffolk Preservation Society